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Dancers in White, Yellow, Gold, and Pink levels may wear any clothing that they can freely move in and will not get in the way of their dancing/tumbling.

Dancers in Acro or Gymnastics Classes may NOT wear skirts and MUST wear form fitting clothes. Hair MUST be secured back at all times.

Dancers in Purple, Blue, TurquoiseRedGray, & Black levels MUST wear Black tops in any style with dance shorts in their BALLET class level color. Hair must be secured back at all times. For ballet classes dancers in these levels must wear any style leotard or brief bottoms and a crop top with pink tights. Shorts are not permitted for ballet classes. 

New students should wear clothes in which they can bend and stretch. Jeans are not permitted. Footed tights are NOT permitted. Please have socks. Dancers in tap classes will be allowed to borrow shoes that will be returned at the end of each class. All hair must be secured out of the face. You do NOT need to buy shoes in order to start a class. If you buy shoes before starting class you may still be required to order through Casa Dance Studio so that all students will have the required styles, colors and fit.

Male students should wear pants or shorts and a T-shirt that fits.

If you have any questions please ASK. You can reach us by email,, by phone 856-845-5788 or text 856-993-2458.