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Dec 9 Class Schedule - Click here for printable version

Please read carefully as due to both our special Musical Theatre Show and the Manor Care Nursing Home show
class times have changes.

8:30am-9am         Left        Destiny                                                  Miss Erica
8:30am-9am          Right       Ava                                                         Miss Bethani
8:30am-9:45am     Center     ALL Saturday Hulas                             Miss Anne
9am-9:30am         Right       Katie D                                                    Miss Thaya
9am-9:30am         Left         Mia                                                         Miss Bethani
9am-9:30am          Back       Audrey S                                                Miss Erica

10am                     St John of GodMusical Theatre Classes              Miss Jenn & Miss Alli
11am-11:45am      St John of GodWe Three Spies Show

12:30pm-1:45pm   Right       Saturday Purple Ballet/Jazz                  Miss Thaya
12:30pm-1pm         Center     Sophia P                                               Miss Bethani
1pm-1:30pm          Center     Addi & Kayla                                         Miss Bethani
1:30pm-2pm          Center     Sophia P                                               Miss Kristin
2pm-2:30pm           Center      Kayla                                                      Miss Kristin
2:30pm-3pm          Center      Becca                                                     Miss Kristin
3pm-3:30pm          Center      Sophia & Kayla                                      Miss Kristin

2:30pm-3:30pmManor Care Nursing HomeSHOW - Pink, Gold, Yellow, White levels

4pm-5:30pmCenterNutcracker full run through

6:30pmSt John of GodMiss Jenn's church show