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Halloween Week Oct 24-30
Students may wear a Halloween costume to class as long as they can dance in it. There will be class first then students will be able to have Halloween snacks provided by the PST (Parent/Student/Teacher) Association. Students may bring a Halloween goodie to share with their classmates but please avoid anything with nuts. Gluten & dairy free snacks will be availble but if your child has a particular dietary need please help and provide something your child may have.
Community Outreach Holiday Shows in December
Every December we perform at Nursing Homes, Assisted and Independant Living Facilities to bring holiday cheer to many elderly, injured or sick people. Our students learn a holiday dance if each class to perform at these shows.
We hope everyone will participate.

Sat. Dec 7 - 9:30am (arrival time 9am) Shady Lane Nursing Home, Clarksboro - Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Coral, Red, Gray, Black levels

Sat. Dec 7 - 2pm (arrival time 1:30pm) Manor Care Nursing Home, West Deptford - White, Yellow, Gold, Pink Levels

Mon. Dec 16 - 6:15pm (arrival time 5:45pm) Woodbury Mews, Woodbury - 
Blue C BalletTurquoise/Coral Ballet
Blue/Coral Tap
Monday Level 2 Gymnastics &Level 1 Gymnastics
Boys Hip Hop
Blue Tap
Fri Blue C Jazz
Fri Blue Ballet/Lyrical
Purple Jazz
Purple/Turquoise Tap
Fri Purple/Turquoise HH
Turquoise/Coral Jazz
Keiki Sat Tahitian
Turquoise A Ballet & Jazz 

Tues. Dec 17 - 6pm (arrival time 5:30pm) Subacute Rehab, Sewell - 
Tues Kamahine PoiBalls
Blue Ballet B
Turquoise A Jazz
Tues Level 2 Acro& Level 1 Acro
Pink HH
Turquoise A Ballet
Pink Tap
Red/Gray/Black Tap
Turquoise Tap
Red//Gray Jazz
Red/Gray Ballet
Level 4/5 AcroBlack Jazz
Black Ballet
Blue B Jazz
Sat Kamahine Instruments

Wed Dec 18 - 6:15pm (arrival time 5:45pm) Woodbury Mews, Woodbury - A
Wed Level 3 Acro
Wed Level 2 B Acro
Wed Keiki Hula
Wed White& Fri White  
Wed Pink BalletPink Ballet
Pink Jazz
Wed Blue HH
Wed Gold
Blue A Ballet
Green Ballet
Green Tap
Green Jazz
Green Belly Dance
Green Polynesian

Thur Dec 19 - 6:30pm (arrival time 6pm) Brightview, Woodbury 
Fri Level 2 Gymnastics 
Pink Tap
Blue HH
Pink HH
Kamalei Hula
Pink Ballet
Pink Jazz
Blue A Jazz
Purple Ballet
All Musical Theatre classes
Level 2 Acro
Level 3/4 Acro
Fri Level 3 Acro

Family Holiday Shows & Parties December 14

We will be having 4 different family shows and parties at the Woodbury Heights Elelmentary school, 100 Academy Ave, Woodbury Heights. You will be assigned a show. 
Our students will perform their holiday dances for their families and then there will be a buffet provided by the CDS Parent/Student/Teacher Association. Each student will also receive a small holiday gift from Miss Anne & Miss Thaya
Bring a Friend to Class Week Nov 4-9
Students may bring a friend to their class(es) this week. If you have friends who are interested in finding out more about dance this is a great time to for them to give it a try. Please make sure they dress to dance. No dance clothes needed, just clothes they can bend and stretch in.
Holiday Wreath & Flowers Fundraiser orders due Wed. Nov 13

Cookie Dough & Desserts Fundraiser orders due Wed. Nov. 13  Still time or order cookie dough and desserts! Drop off or email your order today! OR

Go to www.clairesgourmet.com and click LOGIN (top of page)
Give relatives & friends your six digit participant code to order online!