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Each class will be held once a week. You may take more than one class. We have single student & family Caps. Contact us for pricing.  Click here to see our schedule of classes and to register online. After clicking the link please look at the tabs on top to see the class schedule without registering.

Classes available: Ballet, Lyrical*, Pre-pointe*, Pointe*, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary, Acro*, Gymnastics*, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori (Poi Balls) & Belly Dance*. 

Ages available: 14 months through adults

Levels available: Beginner through pre-professional 

Class Fees: Inclusive (tuition, dance shoes, recital costume)
                    Capped - unlimited classes available for student's age/level (no costumes or shoes included)

Performance Opportunities: Available to ALL students; holiday & spring shows at nursing home/assisted living facilities, community shows, competitions, Family holiday shows, June Recital

Competition: available to all ages, all levels & abilities - must audition & attend August parent orientation

*age & other per-requisites may apply

White Level. (14 months to 3 yrs) 30 minute class of beginning dance and tumbling
Yellow Level. (31/2 – 4 ½ yr olds) may choose from:
   Ballet/Tap/Tumbling Combo Class - 45 minutes - Musical Theatre - 30 minutes **Please See below for – Gymnastics & Polynesian Classes
Gold Level (5 yr olds - 6 yr olds) may choose from:
   Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Class – 1 hour - Musical Theatre - 30 minutes**   Gymnastics & Polynesian Classes - Please See below for details 
Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Turquoise, Coral, Red, Grey, Black Levels
Classes in varying lengths are available in the styles below. Some restrictions apply.
Hip Hop
Modern (must be in Blue, Green, Turquoise, Coral, Red, Grey or Black level)
Musical Theatre
Boys Hip Hop 4-7 yrs old - 30 minutes (3 or more boys must register)
Boys Hip Hop 8 yrs & up - 45 minutes (3 or more boys must register)
Belly Dance (17 yrs & older)
Pre Pointe/Pointe (Sapphire & Ruby Tracks Only and at least 9 years old for pre-pointe, 12 yrs for pointe and must have teacher recommendation)

Polynesian – Ethnic dances from Hawaii, Tahiti & New Zealand
Kamalei (3 - 6 yr olds) 30 minutes Hula 
Keiki (7 -9 yr olds) 60 minute Hula, Tahitian, Maori 
Kamahine (10 -17 yr olds) 60 minute Hula, Tahitian, Maori 
Wahine (18 & up) 60 minute Hula, Tahitian, Maori
Hula Ho Aloha Show Classes Keiki - 90 min, Kamahine - 90 min, Wahine - 60 min – for those interested in performing in Polynesian shows in the summer & throughout the year. Additional rehearsals and costumes are required. Rehearsals will be connected with classes where possible.

Beginner Gymnastics
Gymnastics – Basic tumbling skills and small equipment (balance beam, trampoline, uneven bars)
Gymnastics Level 1 (3.5-5.5 yr olds)
Gymnastics Level 2 (6yrs-9yrs)

Acro- 6 & up- Skill Based Classes – students will be placed according to experience & ability. Skill Tests may be required. Proper technique is needed to advance through the Acro Levels. 
Levels will also be separated by age when possible.
Each level description indicates the minimum requirements and what the students will learn during the class. 
*Acro Level 1 – for students new to Acro. The students will learn forward rolls, backwards rolls, bridge ups, tripods, cartwheels, beginning handstands, headstands
*Acro Level 2- students ready to move on will continue working on Level 1 skills, adding in backbends, 1 handed cartwheels, round offs, limbers, kick overs, chin stands 
*Acro Level 3 – students ready to move on will continue working on Level 1 & 2 Skills, increase strength training, front & back walkovers, handstand forward rolls, elbow stands, chest rolls, backbend rollouts
*Acro Level 4- To be in this level students must be able to do all Level 1-3 skills properly and solidly, Ballet & Jazz classes are Required. Students will work on increased strength training, back handsprings with preps, side aerials with preps, 1 handed front and back walkovers, Valdezes, backbend slides and coming up from slides
*Acro Level 5- To be in this level students must be solid in skills from Level 1-4. Students will continue to work on increased strength training, front handsprings, front aerials, standing aerials, standing handsprings, spiders