Mrs. Anne Cassabian-Deputy   Owner/Director
Miss Thaya Deputy                    Director

Mrs. Erica Carney                      
Mrs. Peg Hain                            
Miss Autumn Howarth                                  
Miss Kristin Kustera                 
Miss Magan Kustera         
Mrs. Jenn Liberto
Miss Bethany Morschauser       
Mrs. Pamela Morschauser    

Contact Us
Phone: (856) 845-5788
Text: (856) 993-2458
Address: 611 Elm Ave
                Woodbury Heights NJ 08097
              (next to Bon Voyage Travel (the place with all the decorations)

​Until the Fire Station is finished Parking is on Academy, the street across from the dance studio, on the side ACROSS from the houses. Please do not park in front of the houses.
Once the new Fire Station is finished, parking will be in the lot.

Additional parking is available in the lot of the empty building on the corner near the railroad tracks.
Contact Us