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2020-21 Competition Teams
Congratulations to the dancers who auditioned and made it onto one or more of the 2020-21 competition teams!
Mini Stars Team A                      
Bella L, Cora P, Gracie F, Lily N,  Madelyn S, Madison B, Norah F, Sophia S 

Mini Stars Team B                        
Becca L, Bella K, Brynn K, Cassie F, Chloe W, Ellianna S, Emma C, Olivia B

Premiere Rising Stars Team    
Amy Z, Bianca P, Caden S, Chase M, Chasitey M, Gianna M, Izzy B, Jack Y, Jennis J, Madison M, Meghan Lynn M 

Elite Rising Stars Team 
Amelia G, Carolyn Y, EIly M, Jacob H, Jessica H, Kimmie B, Kyleigh F, Shayla C

Elite Shooting Stars Team 
Adrianna N, Carina P, Ella M, Jayleen C, Olivia D, Seyanne P 

Elite Super Stars Team 
Addison H, Audrey S, Becca B, Carolyn Y, Emma H, Grace B, Jacob H, Jessica H, Jillian N, Kailyn B, Katie D, Kaylee R, Kyleigh F, Lexi D, Mia R, Serefina A