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Our New Normal beginning in Fall 2020-21 
*Arrival and departure times will be staggered where possible.

*We will still be minimizing the number of people in our studio: Parents of all levels except White Level Beginning Dance will need to drop off and pick up. Each younger class (Yellow, Pink, Gymnastics, L1 Acro) will have a student or assistant teacher to help the children as needed.

 All students and parents must comply with social distancing and hand-washing protocols and will refrain from entering the building if they are experiencing any of the pre-screen symptoms listed on the health screening checklist.

*Students who do not feel comfortable coming into the studio will still be able to take class with their regular classmates through Zoom. 

*Classrooms all have larger than required social distancing areas taped on the floors. All class rosters do not exceed social distancing guidelines.

*Floors, chairs, doorknobs, and other high touch surfaces will be sanitized between each class. 

*If necessary, in person students will be rotated between the studio and Zoom classes to make sure that everyone who wants in person instruction gets it while still maintaining social distancing requirements

*While in the studio, students will maintain social distancing. Each student will have their own box that is more than the recommended six feet by six feet. 

*The students will check in, have their temperature checked, and be brought to their classroom by a teacher/assistant teacher.

*At this time, all students 3 and up are required to wear masks when indoors. Classes will be structured to allow students mask breaks. All students need to bring two masks so that a mask may be replaced if the student sneezes into the mask.
*Anyone entering the building will have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands at entry. 

*All staff will wear masks when in the building. 

*All staff must comply with social distancing and hand-washing protocols and will refrain from entering the building if they are experiencing any of the pre-screen symptoms listed on the health screening checklist.

*Touchless Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in the lobby, kitchen area and Annex.

*All Bathrooms and the kitchen area are equipped with touchless faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers. 

*Dancers should have all dance shoes in a ziplock bag and limit bringing in their dance bags when possible. 

*Students with multiple pairs of shoes, must sanitize their dance bags each day. 

*End of class treats will be individually wrapped.

* Students must limit the amount of personal items brought into the dance studio. This is to avoid bringing further outside contaminants into the facility.  

* Water bottle filling will be prohibited. Students are allowed to bring multiple water bottles, but will not be allowed to fill them from water sources within the facility. Bottled water and snacks will still be available.

*Students will not share equipment during classes. All equipment will be sanitized in between uses.

*Students must wash hands after blowing their nose, sneezing, coughing or using restrooms.

*Students are expected to adhere to instructions provided with respect to social distancing.

*No parents/guardians will be allowed to stay in the studio. We will have outside drop-off, pick-up and payment procedures.

*Student drop off will begin 8 minutes before the scheduled class. Click here for Drop Off Procedures details.

*Parents/caregivers must be parked in the center or tree-line spaces and waiting on the walkway along the side of the main building or parked in the parking lot and waiting on the side of the Annex at least 5 minutes before the end of class. Click here for Pick Up Procedures details.

*Shoe lending program for those who need shoes to start the season off.

*The Main building and Annex are cleaned and disinfected every day. In addition to regular daily cleaning, all rooms will be sterilized by UV lights. 

The HVAC units have had Halo air scrubbers installed to continually sterilize the air students and staff are breathing as well as all surfaces. Click here for info about the Halo air purification systems that have been installed.

*Mats & gymnastics equipment will be sanitized in between classes.

*Older students, student teachers and staff will sanitize the bathrooms with provided alcohol after each use (instructions are in each bathroom and the kitchen area)

*Mr. Mario will sanitize surfaces and doorknobs throughout the evening.